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Valentine's Day Love Potions

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We are selling Love Potions for Valentine's Day! These DIY Love Potions are available for staff, parents, and students, and offer a fun and unique way to celebrate the appreciation of one another.

Love Potions: (DIY)

Recipients of these kits mix together the "potion"  themselves.

  • Each potion comes with:

    • A heart full of our lemonade or hot chocolate mix

    • A vial of chosen flavor (dropper is included)

    • A vessel of our special sparkle 

    • A customized Valentines Day message

    • A recipe

    • Delivery options (available to those being delivered within the school district)

Order Here:

Love Potions: (Pre-Mixed)

Available to High School staff & students only!

  • Each potion comes with:

    • Any customized beverage of your choice (February specials are included!)

    • A customized Valentines Day message

    • Delivery

    • Special Sparkle or Boba can be added for $1.00 each!

Order Here:

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